the word “resurrection” literally means “to stand up.” This has vast and profound implications for us. The resurrection means that someone is always standing up for us, no matter how bad life gets. One can never say that he is without hope, so long as one person is standing up for him.

Jesus “stands up” in the middle of Mary’s sorrow.
Jesus “stands up” in the middle of the disciple’s fear
Jesus “stands up” in the middle of Thomas’ doubt.
Jesus “stands up” in the middle of the disciple’s failure.

This is how cities are transformed and nations turned to God, a person is captivated with vision, gives themselves fully to the LORD, and through a true intimacy in the secret place, His truth is so saturated in their heart, that when they speak, God speaks.. they surrender their voice, that His voice would take over! and they speak to the walking dead and see them come to life again!! 

I feel like God is saying to some of you,

"I see you in the midst of your anxieties, in the midst of your depression, and when you struggle with fear, shame, and feeling as though you don’t measure up.. I have come to open up these prison doors and set you free! Stand up! Come forth from the dead place! you are my child and I have prepared a place for you in my house, stand up, that you would be out of the shadows and in my light, that my glory would rise up in you.

This weight was not meant for you to bear, and I have taken your burden as my own.. all your anxieties I have made my own, that I may make all things right.

do not remain in that place of shadows, the chains have been severed, the doors smashed open.. come, take a walk with me, there is a song that I will sing over you, a song of deliverance and life!”

If when Jesus shows up and asks “Will you be a leader of a generation, will you give yourselves fully?” you raise your hand and say “yes, Jesus I will, I want to lead a generation, I want to lead nations, I want to lead a whole entire generation to you”,

Then you get chosen.
That’s how you get chosen

The reason “many are called and few are chosen”, is because only a few say yes. 

Brothers and Sisters, it is time to know that you are royalty! We are sons and daughters of the Most High God! It is no mistake that you were born for such a time as this. Do not throw away your years. Step into your identity; May you know your destiny! 

So many of us see ourselves as insignificant and so we don’t fully give ourselves to God and we sit on the sidelines, just doing our own thing, being our own thing

Regardless of how insignificant you may feel, God looks at your life and says “it’s perfect, and I want all of it” it may only be five loaves and two fish, but if I can give my 5 loaves and 2 small fish to Jesus, He will take it, multiply it, and feed thousands.

And we need to know the urgency of the hour in which we are in! We waste our days with a hopeless perspective towards the visions He has planted in our hearts, but He doesn’t call only the strong to follow Him, He puts His Kingdom inside weak and broken people, and if we will give ourselves to be used by Him daily, He will change lives, transform cities, and shake nations through us

Beloved, you may not see yourself as significant and worthy to be used, but He looks at you and says “you are perfect, give me your life and I will use you in ways you cannot imagine” 

so many of us need to break the ties we have with the spirit of the age.. there are so many things we do, that although they may not necessarily be considered sin by most, lead us into deep compromise in which we give ourselves to a life for ourselves rather than God.. some of us act more American than we do as citizens of the Kingdom of the LORD. Many of us make celebrities and tv stars our heroes, and we follow them and aspire to be just like them. Many of you look at the supermodels in music videos, movies, and television.. and you say “Oh! I wish I were just like them!”, “I wish I was like that” , “I wish I was like Darren Criss or Daniel Radcliff”

We spend so much of our time consuming entertainment and pursuing a life that reflects the spirit of the age.

But God’s love is better than wine! He is better than all the things of this World! Sometimes we put Him into the margins of our lives, as we fill ourselves with temporal things and with compromise

He is holy! He is an all consuming fire, He is worthy of all we are!

I had to stop listening to much of the music I used to listen to, because it filled my heart with compromise, and because it led me into the pursuit of personal gain, so that I too can be seen as cool, like Bruno Mars or the other stars of our age.

I don’t want to spend my life living for myself, ultimately, I could be the greatest pop star in all of history and yet be totally desolate, because apart from Jesus, all pursuits are vain..

I choose to give my life entirely to Him and the fulfillment of the desires of His heart.

The word ‘resurrection’ means “to stand up” 

when you were trapped in sorrow, fear, doubt, and failure.. Jesus stood up for you.

and just as a field is never without hope, so long as one living blade of grass remains, so too, you are never without hope, because there is one who stands up for you!

He’s alive, and in Him, we have everlasting life!