Do not be defined by your mistakes and regrets.. Jesus paid the price for you to be set free, and yet so many leave the chains on and stay in the prisons of their shame, regret, self hatred, and death.

You are not worthless, you are not owned by sin and darkness, but you have been purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Do not listen to the the lies that are spoken into your mind from demons and hell.. some of you have negative self talk, or hear voices that tell you that you are a failure, telling you that you are a loser, telling you you can’t be forgiven, telling you that you are not loved by God, telling you that you will never change, telling you that you should kill yourself..

Those words are not true; they are lies from Satan, they are demonic deceptions.

Instead, listen to the voice of truth, what God has to say.. hear His love songs sung over you… you are the rose, the joy for which He died.. Do you know that He delights in you? He enjoys you; He loves you; He forgives you; He cares for you; He is holding you; He is carrying you through these storms, carrying you home; and with His nail pierced hands, Jesus will comfort you.

Do you know how much the Father loves you? He gave His son for you.. He watched His only son die on a cross for you.. How can you say that you are worthless? To God, you are worth His Son, and through Jesus, you are sons and daughters of God the Father.

Do you know how beautiful you are in His eyes? How much He treasures you, how much His heart aches for you to know His love, how much He longs for you to know your identity in Him and not in your own flaws, regrets, pain, and shame.

Find your identity in Christ and Him alone.. In Him, we find our strength.. do not live in your weakness, but live in His strength.

May you know how much God loves you; May you be filled with His joy and peace, and may every lie and shadow of darkness fade away in the light of His love and truth… May you be bound no longer by sin and regret and shame, but may you know that you are set free by the blood of Jesus.. May these truths resound in you and may they sustain you, keep you, strengthen you, mark you, and may He be glorified in your life and all you are.. May you be marked by His blood, defined by His love for you.

I pray all this in Jesus’ name, AMEN.


"we will fight this fight together, because it’ll be the death of me before i live a single day without the desire to spread the Truth about Beauty and do nothing for my sisters in Christ… You are beautiful.. turn down the words of this world and listen to the words of the Lord. Love you girls, you’re beautiful and don’t ever let this world tell you different. The words of beauty from the Lord last, this world’s ways lead to death.”

May you all know that you matter more to God than you can possibly imagine. And may you know that you are beautiful, nomatter what lies the world may tell you that say you arent good enough. You are truly beautiful, inside and out.. in your heart, in your story, in your love, your heart, your body, your smiles, your tears, and your laughter, in your friendship, and through all you are.

May you see the truth.. May you know that beauty echoes through all of your being.. that you are made in the Image of God.. and that you are worth so much that He gave His Son for you. because He loves you more than you could possibly imagine.